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Pinhole Academy Celebrates 6th Year Anniversary!

The Pinhole Academy celebrated its 6th year anniversary at its last seminar, August 9-10, 2019. There were 31 doctors and 20 of their staff in attendance. In attendance were international dentists from Spain, Canada and Mexico. Currently there are over 3,200 Pinhole certified dentists in the world. For patients interested in finding a Pinhole certified dentist in their area, they can go to

The Pinhole Surgical Technique also known as Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, is a revolutionary method to treat gum recession without the use of scalpels, sutures, or palatal grafting. Typically patients can have the procedure done in one day and be back to work in 24-48 hours. Some patients like Rocio who was profiled on the Doctors Show, claimed that the Pinhole procedure is amazing.

To learn more about the Pinhole procedure and to see procedure videos go to or contact your dentist.

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